Science Fictions is a collaborative writing project exploring the lives and cultures of disparate beings at many junctures of the space/time continuum in our current universe. I am kicking it off with some short vignettes that initiate 3 themes. I will add more themes and chapters over 2016.  As these stories unfold they will weave together in surprising ways; surprising because threads of the narrative of any theme can be taken up by any “impPossible” subscriber who wants to run with them down their own unique path. The stories will be public but only subscribers to the site will be able to write content.

FEBRUARY  2016 – PLEASE NOTE: this project is currently on hold because of the technical and legal research necessary to launch a creative collaborative writing project. The Whale Project is currently a very large commitment of all my personal resources. However, I will continue to add stories and themes.  


1. Any story that you add must be original content of your own creation. You cannot use the content of any other person unless you have legal permission to do so.

2. You cannot change anyone else’s story or content – not even editing for grammatical or spelling errors is permitted

3. You can add to any theme’s thread by using the name of that theme, the Chapter number  and then the title of your episode  ie: transgendering – Chapter 2 – Escape

4. Every post follows the ones before it, so building on the story as it is unfolding through all the previous posts so far is a requirement unless you start a new theme.

5. If there are multiple chapters written under the same number ie: 2 or more Chapter 3’s for the same theme that theme then has multiple paths people could take from that point on. It branches like a tree.

6. If you want to begin a totally different theme from the ones I will begin for this project it must contain new characters. This is a big rule. You must be committed to your theme and willing to develop it through at least 3 episodes. It must also be developed enough that it begins to interweave with at least one other existing theme by the 3rd post.

I’m very curious to find out what happens to all these stories and characters!

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