Introduction to the nature of women & girls

 celebrating our relationships with the rest of nature and our own natures


Why do we need a website about women and girls in particular?

Men tell most of the stories we hear globally at this time in human history from the point of view of men and boys. I think we need to hear stories about women and girls from their point of view. Why leave out half the human story?


Is this a website about how women should rule the world?

The inevitable question whenever someone starts a conversation about the abilities and talents of women. What do you think?

So, are you going to explore the dark side of the nature of women and girls?


Why do we need a website about relationships between women or girls and the rest of nature?

Because it’s interesting and we might discover something unexpected.

Because women and girls have different perspectives on life, the universe and everything.

Because women and girls have different ways of relating to others, even if the “others” are animals and plants.

the “nature of” questionaire

a quiz about where you come from, where you’re going and who makes your heart sing.

the genius of women & girls

inventions, theories, philosophies, activities; all the wonderful things women and girls are doing and creating.

I’m excited to start exploring so let’s go! If you haven’t explored the Natwag Questionaire, now may be a good time. See you there!




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