a multi-platform, multifaceted project exploring

          the nature of consciousness, the nature of women and girls,

the nature of reality

            and the nature of nature

  You will find

  original music & songs, nature videos,

links to inspiring humans doing inspiring things

anecdotes and tall tales

   Interspecies Communication Blog

  How we transmit and receive thoughts with other

  life-forms, how we develop inter-species friendships

  and relate to the rest of the amazing beings with whom

  we share planet Earth.


  the nature of women & girls

  relationships women & girls have with the rest of

  nature and our own natures.

 Welcoming Whales Project

With an old sailboat, a barefoot budget and dreams

of singing with humpbacks

ImpPossible & the Amphibiographer 

embark on an intrepid journey

–  to make friends with whales 

Otter Be Good Productions

makes nature documentaries that are playful,

often amphibious, always informative and

aspire to be inspiring.

Science Fictions collaborative novel

It’s an adventure. It’s a mystery. It’s a romp through

  11 dimensions. It’s the trickster, the cosmic clown.

  It’s sometimes sexy and often dangerous.