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  Play the Moment-Click here to Download a .pdf outlining excavating desire/fouilles pour le désire  


  Bandwidth has a Facebook page so please “LIKE” us. Bandwidth: Interactive Installation will be at the Staten Island Lumen Festival on June 23rd, 2012, starting at 6pm and going until midnight. I am working on raising funds through Indiegogo — I made the video below so share widely. The interactive installation, Bandwidth, was premiered […]

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Artwork by Victoria G. The commercial aspect of my visual arts practice is handled under the company name, Victoria G. Fine Imagery. All of these images are available as fine art prints with a hand signed certificate of authenticity. Large size $300, medium $200, small $100 (CAN dollars). Contact me for series viewing and pricing. […]


I am working on creating a video of the performance, here is a preview clip of the title sequence. Download information sheet here.RUFA-blurb+image150wd The left screen: First I photographed the feather, then used digital filters to create “Digital Feather” then I programmed the floating down sequence. The centre screen: Background and title created in open […]