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Tech Help is a blog devoted to the trials and triumphs that Victoria Gibson encounters in her work as an Integrated Media Artist and Tech Support for other artists and businesses.

Posts will relate the current challenges that she encounters in her quest to complete projects on time and under budget.

Victoria’s work involves computers and the production of art, but she sees herself as a craftsperson involved in creating virtual works. Her company, VIX Virtual Design, organizes many pixels in producing photography, video and graphic design for print and web. In addition, she works as a recording and mastering engineer for audio and video and sometimes she is the producer as well.

Her own work can be found at and

I originally started with my Live More Lightly Project wordpress install, but I found I was writing as much about the technology as the project. I have decided to re-post the technical articles from that site and devote this site to the problems I encounter and the solutions. I have received a lot of help from other people, particularly in the world of Open Source, so this is my way of moving the leading edge forward.

Revealing the nuts and bolts of the internet is a fascinating quest and it will take many of these pages. The site is a WordPress install with many plug-ins and features.  These will be explained as they are activated and the technical details behind all three sites will be discussed.

Video and Audio production on three different operating systems takes up a lot of time and the problems that are encountered in producing work can be a challenge worth recounting.

I hope you find Tech Help interesting and — well, helpful.

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