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Victoria Gibson is a music technologist and multi-media artist who is very concerned about environmental issues.

The Tech Help blog has been started to highlight her skills and document her paid employment as an integrated media technologist.

The Livemorelightly Site

In 1998 she wrote a song called “Live More Lightly” that involves groups of people in an interactive workshop (that can lead to a performance) to encourages them to commit to one environmental initiative. She believes that one song can make a difference in the world if many people sing it and make one small commitment to lower their personal impact on the planet. Part of Victoria’s artistic practice has always been working with and performing for small communities of people. Using the internet, she can now share this intimate setting with people all over the world.

Victoria says, “as part of thinking globally, I know that I will have very little effect on governments and big business, but I can have an effect on individuals. These individuals are more important to change than any other factor, because every change I have ever seen comes from individual action.” Gibson believes that her song may assist people to come together and support each other in making a lifestyle change. It doesn’t have to be a large change to help — it takes every grain of sand to make a beach.

Contact: vixmusic01 at hotmail dot com

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Victoria at Emergenza Festival 2007
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