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Boarduino Build

Now the new Arduino Uno has come out, I can’t wait to acquire one. Until then, I decided it was time to get to work and build my Boarduino kit.

After unpacking everything I compared the contents of my bag with the list that LadyAda provided.

Oh-oh, some of the components did not look the same and it seems like I had too many of a few things. I decided I wasn’t missing anything, so I went to work.

I soldered on the power supply and started on the other components. It has been a long time since I soldered anything and my iron is old and well used. I don’t have a cool vise, so I used a vise-grip plier tool to hold the board.

The directions were very clear, except I didn’t really know what components I should use because they did not look like the photo.

These three items are the real problem, I used the larger one instead of the blue part in the photo, now I have two identical parts left and I only need one. I will have to contact AdaFruit for help.

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