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M-Audio Delta44 Cards finally working in Ubuntu 9.04

As a devoted Ubuntu user, I always tell the skeptics that in Windows or Mac OS, I have to pay money for my operating system and applications, then I have to do their beta testing for them. In Ubuntu, if you can fix it — it is yours with no need to pull out the credit card.

I was challenged when I upgraded from Ubuntu Gutsy 8.10 to Jaunty 9.04 in May 2009,  because my trusty M_Audio Delta 44 sound cards refused to make any sound except in the Audacity application.  I went into “Tech Mode” and started checking out the Ubuntu Forum. I found some confirmation that I was not alone in this post HOWTO: PulseAudio Fixes & System-Wide Equalizer Support. I also found a lot of information on ALSA here.

There was no quick fix for me so I submitted a launchpad bug report 425435.


Bug Description 2009-09-06

Motherboard: Intel
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.00Ghz
RAM: 623.2 MB
Video Card:
Sound Card: Delta 44
HD: available 61.7GB
Country: Canada

Release Jaunty 9.04 – the Jaunty Jackalope – released in April 2009.

Ubuntu Studio Controls

Enable memlock checked 90%
Enable raw 1394 access checked



Delta 44 sound cards worked very well in Gutsy.
Now they don’t work except with Audacity.
Nothing else works.

Preferences> Sound shows the cards, but when I try to play the test sound

audiotestsrc wave=sine freq=512 ! audioconvert ! audioresample ! gconfaudiosink: Could not open audio device for playback.


Everything else seems to work OK.

Can you help?



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