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My Tech Help blog is using the iNov theme developed by mg12. I am not sure that I will keep this theme, but I am investing work into it. After getting my feeds set up, I had decided that I was going to try Google AdSense on this blog. I finally got it to work using the WP AdSense plug-in. I also figured out that I can insert the code directly into the post by using the HTML option in the WordPress editor. The Google Custom Search still is not working properly.

I was warned that Google only allows three ad sections per page, so I now put in a “more” tag and paste the ad code beneath the tag. That way the ad on the footer counts as one and the code in the blog only displays when the reader opens the post.  This prevents exceeding the limit when the posts are attached one after another on the home page. Check it out.

I am trying out a variety of blogging tools such as Zemata to suggest related articles and link Wikipedia sources and photos that I may use from time to time. Here is an example of Zemata content. Please comment on this idea and let me know if I should stick to my original ideas. It really is helpful in sourcing the links. Zemata puts in a lot of code, so it gets a bit confusing in html.

If everything is working correctly there should be a Google powered ad after this post.  The AdSense Google help is very helpful, but basically, I found that I had to switch to html and paste the java script directly in the post where I wanted it to appear. You may notice it is too wide for the window on my previous post, so I will have to modify the code, by hand until I can re-generate. I have set the width to =600 now so I hope that will fit.

The plug-in allowed me to paste the code into my footer without having to go into the theme editor. So far, I have not broken any themes, but I am very wary of playing with the code. If you want to try out “monetizing” your blog, sign up with Google and generate your own code. I have never clicked on one Google ad in all my years of internet inhabitation, but they may improve their targeting and tempt me yet.

I am still going to put a donate button and I wish I could afford to donate to the developers who contribute to the power of WordPress. Once all the cheques from Google start coming in — I should be able to donate happily!

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