Life and Times

I want to dedicate this site exclusively to the technical details behind my daily work. This includes the Live More Lightly Project and Sound+Light+Motion, my own sites and work and many other projects that I am working on.  To increase the focus of the site, content will be constrained to contain all of the technical details of my computer/technology/opensource project development.

It is still in the setting up stage, but I hope that I will be able to provide some interesting content. I also plan to have the experts who give me Tech Help post here as they are specialists in their particular area and can have some helpful information.

Look for the new version of Live More Lightly soon and read about my efforts to set up a Sandbox theme in WordPress. Tech Help is currently being beta tested with the iNov free theme and Sound+Light+Motion is using Pixeled.  The very first action I perform on a WordPress install is to activate the Akismet plug-in. The spam catching capacity is absolutely required if you are not to have hundreds of spam comments. Thank you to the developers of this valuable tool.

I am currently typing on my trusty ASUS notebook using Intrepid Ibex, Ubuntu Linux 8.10. The notebook came with Vista, so I set it up as a dual boot computer using Grub boot loader. Some of that saga is posted here and I am really happy with the results. I also have a Jaunty Jackalope desktop that I try to keep at the latest Ubuntu release and an XP computer. The recording  studio that I work in uses Macintosh computers, so I work in all three OS fluently.

My current focus is on the podcasts that I have been producing for Sound+Light+Motion and setting up RSS feeds and other methods of integrating the site into the network. I will give more details as I set up this site and it won’t be as slow because of my previous experience.

Back to work now activating and setting up my plug-ins.

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