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Yamaha FJ Road Ready

I went over to Simon’s after work as I have been having a bit of a problem shifting gears. It was not happening all the time, so it made it difficult to diagnose. Occasionally, the bike would refuse to shift into 3rd gear. It would “hit the ceiling” as it does in 5th and give my foot the signal that there are no more upshifts here. I left a phone message for Simon, then rode around a bit. I can easily ride to work in 2nd gear as the Fj is so powerful, but the high revs are not good in the long run. It was only happening from time to time and I started to think that, in Simon’s parlance, “It’s the nut behind the wheel”, particularly when the nut has new boots on ….

It started getting worse, so when Simon called, I was happy to go over and poke around on the bike. It always astonishes me when I see how easily he moves these big machines around. I try not to react when he casually holds the bike up with one hand before putting it up on the centre stand with a quick practiced motion. I mentally coach myself that Simon can do this and I don’t have to rush over to steady the bike or “help” him.

He quickly diagnosed the problem as a need for lubrication in the joints and then he rode the bike around the back to do the work. I tried to help, but I think I mostly got in the way. Despite my assistance, Simon managed to lube the significant parts, tighten and oil the chain and put the right amount of air in the tires. Only Simon could have made my throttle work better by putting the counterweight in the lathe and shaving it down a hair.

I always enjoy Simon’s company as he shows me all of his projects and the bikes he is working on. I rode off and started feeling the difference his changes had made. The work he did on the clutch last year and this work means the Fj shifts like a new bike. The extra air in the front tire made me feel the bumps on the road and I almost lost it going into a gas station. I am not used to that much of a direct road feel as I went over the driveway bump. I will get used to it, I am sure and the extra air made it corner so much better!

Simon says: make sure your chain is lubed and adjusted properly and keep checking your tire pressure as every bike looses some air.

Thanks Simon!

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  1. Earl Svorks
    April 27th, 2008 at 21:23 | #1

    A very nice motorcycle ,the FJ series. A good choice for the expedition you are planning.
    I’ll watch with interest.
    PS,,,Who is “Mike, in the touring machine”?

  2. April 30th, 2008 at 21:31 | #2

    Hi Earl, I do not know who Mike is. Like you, he left a comment on my blog. I did find “Skert” who is the woman who held classes in picking up your larger bike. Maybe Mike will check back in sometimeand see your post.

    Thanks for the comment.

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