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Ubuntu+Notebook IV

Yesterday I took my notebook to work because I had to repair the internet and I wanted one computer I could rely on. I maintain 3 old macintosh computers on a LAN at work. The problem turned out to be that a recent ADSL outage had changed some settings and I had to reset the router. At first the ADSL provider admin wanted to use Vista, so I tried to log in with the second Vista (longhorn) boot and the boot sequence turned into a circle of returns to the Grub menu. I decided to use Ubuntu as the tech was somewhat familiar with linux.

It was easy to set up a static IP in Ubuntu and the testing was completed quickly and efficiently. I was then able to set up my employer’s ibook on the crosscable from the modem after setting up the static IP on that machine. I reset the router, plugged it into the crosscable and then there was internet.

I was puzzled about the Vista boot until I remembered the happy downloading of updates. Did one of those updates affect the boot loader? Recalling the sequence of events that led to Vista working in the first place: the first Vista boot choice had transferred all of the files and booted in a strange way, then the second one worked. I started the Asus notebook again and chose the first Vista option. After the microsoft loading screen, several files were processed, then I got the giant error screen.

Vista Error

Back to unclipping the battery just enough …

Now I rebooted, choosing the second Vista boot and voila Vista.

I really don’t know what is happening here, but now I know what to do. If I have a problem booting after downloading updates, then try the first boot choice and see if it loads the software.

Today, I am trying something new. I wanted to clean up the failed install of Ubuntustudio, so I opened Synaptic and searched for linux-image. I received this info here. Thanks to aysiu, I was confident I could remove the install, then the partition would not be locked. However, when I opened the linux-image all the software that is pre-installed in Ubuntustudio is there! The software installed correctly, but maybe not the desktop? Now I will copy the software I want before deleting the kernel and reorganizing the partitions.

I went on the #ubuntu IRC channel to get some help as I am having mouse problems with my desktop. I will switch mice with XP and see what happens, but I wanted to find a list of key-commands for Ubuntu — just in case the other mouse exhibits the same problems. I did install a lot of music software and multi-media editing tools, so maybe one of them doesn’t like my mouse.

I had not been on IRC (Internet Relay chat) since the BBS days on Mindlink, from 1989-95. I am hoping that Ubuntu will show me the internet I used to know in those times, before GUI browsers, when the internet filtered all the early technology adapters into one place where they could talk. I wonder if there are still moderated Usenet groups? If I want to read sometime, I will try to find them.

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    The text above translated to English below. I find that windows OS changes are also extremely time consuming. Usually all my drivers must be updated and some hardware and software are lost in the transition as no updated drivers/versions become available. The cost is much larger than the expense of the OS as most software companies charge for updates. I use a lot of hardware and software so Windows updates are very costly. Yesterday I had to use Win 2000 to scan newsprint because it is the most compatible with my old scanner and has a de-screen feature. I keep my old computers so I can continue to use the software and hardware I purchased for that machine.

    This is taking me so much time because I am trying to do something complex on an OS I don’t know. My desktop Ubuntu did not have an OS because I built it myself, so it was a simple insert the disk and go installation. The notebook came with Vista, so I decided to keep it. Most of my existing software is not Vista compatible. If I could afford it I would buy a Mac because I work in Logic audio. If I had learned non-proprietary software, then I would be able to work on music rather then work a day job to buy my tools.
    linuxerste part of the study was published in April. These are market researchers concluded that the switch from Windows to Linux in large enterprises up to four times as expensive and three times the cost could be time to switch from an earlier to a new version of Windows. “This shows but actually rather, how expensive it is, from the dependencies of MS Windows to liberate. Most business software, which have not yet been ported, is dependent on proprietary libraries of MS, which is why they never on other operating systems can run. We should prefer to ask how expensive it is, if the planned Linux-/Unixinstallation times now outdated and will update you again. Another upgrade to Longhorn (or whatever the system later times called), is a lot more expensive than the current distribution of a mirror to draw on a small test computer Park to install, look, which – now freely available — Applications must be adapted, and 10,000 jobs to update

    My reply translated:
    Der Text oben ins Englische übersetzt. Ich finde, dass das Windows Betriebssystem Veränderungen sind auch extrem zeitaufwändig. In der Regel alle meine Treiber aktualisiert werden müssen und einige Hardware-und Software sind verloren in der Übergangsphase, da keine aktualisierten Treiber-Versionen zur Verfügung stehen. Die Kosten sind viel größer als die Kosten des OS, da die meisten Software-Unternehmen für Updates. Ich benutze eine Menge von Hard-und Software, damit Windows-Updates sind sehr teuer. Gestern hatte ich auf Win 2000 zu scannen, Zeitungspapier, weil es die meisten kompatibel mit meinem alten Scanner und verfügt über eine de-Screen-Funktion. Ich werde weiterhin meine alten Computern, so kann ich weiterhin zur Nutzung der Software und Hardware, die ich gekauft, um auf den Rechner.

    Dies ist mir dabei so viel Zeit, weil ich versuche, etwas zu tun Komplex in ein Betriebssystem weiß ich nicht. Mein Desktop Ubuntu nicht über ein Betriebssystem, weil ich es selbst gebaut, daher war es ein einfaches legen Sie die Diskette und Installation. Das Notebook kam mit Vista, so entschied ich mich zu halten. Die meisten meiner bestehenden Software ist nicht Vista kompatibel. Wenn ich könnte es sich leisten Ich würde einen Mac kaufen, denn ich arbeite in Logic Audio. Hätte ich gelernt, nicht-proprietäre Software, dann würde ich in der Lage zu arbeiten und nicht auf Musik dann einen Tag Angebot zum Kauf meine Werkzeuge.

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