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Streaming from a Motorcycle Outline

January 30th, 2008 2 comments


Sketch of Bike cam logo idea by Victoria

Streaming Video From a Motorcycle

Required Equipment





Image Capture Device

  • camera

  • lense and recorder (helmetcam or isight)



Notebook Computer

  • Macintosh Powerbook

  • Ubuntu Powerbook

Choice of OS may lead to using two notebook computers

Backup always good, but space limited.



Satellite Modem

  • many choices

  • data calls expensive

  • Sponsorship an option



Monitor Device

  • cell phone monitor stream

  • small LCD screen



Voice Communications

Satellite cell phone with Bluetooth headset and networking



Video Switching device

Handlebar mounted video switching device to stream camera1 or 2


Streaming Server

Many options including free services



First Ubuntu Post

January 22nd, 2008 No comments

My Ubuntu internet computer is now operational and I am exploring the unique personality it has. I am considering using a Ubuntu or other Linux OS for the notebook computer(s) I will use on the Live More Lightly Tour.

There are three reasons that I would like to try this:

  1. Cost: I wanted to buy a Mac G4 dual core Powerbook to replace the single core I recently sold, but it seems that the model I need will cost approx. $3500. I could put a Ubuntu OS on a dual core platform for much less. I would also like to put my limited resources behind Open Source software because I have spent all of my money on computers and music technology for decades. When I bought my Powerbook, it took all the money I had. Then I had to go and work to buy the software. I did not get as much use out of my notebook as I might have because I had to have paying work to buy the tools I needed. If I start spending my money on Open Source I can expect that next time the tools will cost less — not more. Another issue is the cost of constantly updating software as I update my hardware. I still have my Windows 2000 computer because it has Corel Draw and several other programs I bought for that computer that would not run on XP. Now, with Ubuntu, I will try Open Office drawing programs and if I am able to meet my requirements, then I won’t have to worry about buying the upgrade all of the time.
  2. Green Power: I think that open source is inherently less energy consuming. I am going to have to research this point, but it seems that the corporate system of OS and software production is so huge and profit oriented that a community based alternative must be better. As they say in Wikipedia … citation needed.
  3. Community: The Ubuntu Community may be willing to assist me in my desire to move the internet down the highway streaming from a motorcycle (at perfectly legal speeds, of course). I am trying to open a dialog with Apple as well. I really did love my old G4 Powerbook, but it was very costly to be a part of that community and my object is to produce Art not impress with a fashion statement. Aesthetics are a part of the artistic process, but in my case, the “look” of my computer is not the most important thing.

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Song for International Women's Day

January 2nd, 2008 No comments

This is a video of a song written by Victoria Gibson in honour of International Women’s Day. Performed by Victoria and the Seaquam Secondary School Choir for the Society of Women in Science and Technology Conference in 2000 held at the school.

I have performed this song almost every year since I wrote it in 1994. The song was written to include the audience in affirming and celebrating International Women’s Day by giving them the line “Way-way-oh-way-oh” to sing or chant. I chose these syllables because my teenagers were arguing and one was insisting “Way”, while the other stated definitely “No way”. This sparked the idea in my mind that “way” could be a synonym for agreement and also indicate a positive direction, path or way.

This is a Quicktime link
Link to Women’s Day Song

Link to Womens Day Song Information and Lyrics


Victoria will be performing the Womens Day Song

live in Bellingham on March 8th, 2008

[WA] Whatcom County Intl. Women's Day Celebration -
The Bellingham
Intl. Women's Day Celebration in Bellingham
 with Farmworkers
Whatcom County Women's International Day Celebration****
TIME: 4:00 PM

LOCATIONS: Bellingham, Washington

Maritime heritage Park (500 Block of West Holly Street), the rally will kick

off with a performance by the Raging Grannies and a short talk by Andreia

Borges Ferreira of the Brazil Landless Workers Movement. At 4:30pm we will

be marching downtown Bellingham and ending up at the DreamSpace

(1318 Bay Street) for an evening celebration of dancing, divas, and


Focus: Rural Women confronting globalization fight for food sovereignty!

Check out Womens Day events near you on this site:

Womens Day Site


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