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Hosting a Blog

This is the first blog I have hosted myself and there were a few challenges. At first I did not realize that a person who wanted to reply had to click on the “No Comment” button to open the comment dialog!

I still have not been able to add more plug-ins to the content management system I am using. I have plans to start practicing streaming audio and video from my home computer within the month and I want to offer podcasts too.

Plug-ins will let me do this and resize photos in the program instead of using an external editor (like photoshop). There’s a few things I still have to work out, but over all, I am really happy with the way this blog software is functioning. I am using a custom theme, but I haven’t figured out all the features yet.

I will be working through a lot of technical problems in the next few weeks and to make it even trickier — I am planning to install Ubuntu Linux on my new, faster Pentium 4 internet computer. This means I have to learn to use all of these tools in a new OS!

I am trying to link to more sites and here is one to my Technorati Profile

Right now, I plan to purchase a Macbook Pro with OSX Leopard for the Tour08, but I may go Linux. I will see how well I do installing and working with the Ubuntu OS. If anyone has any helpful comments, please feel free to post!